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Cherokee’s Recommended Trees

With tree planting season upon us, we wanted to take a moment to give you our list of recommended trees – that will thrive here in Springfield, MO. Adding a tree to your property is an investment that will add value. It is important to have your arborist take a look at your property to determine the trees that will best suit the conditions in your yard. The right selection is the first step in a long, healthy life for your tree.

No two trees are created equal and all species have different requirements. Some trees like full sun (6-8 hours of it a day), while others tolerate shade. Certain trees are perfectly suited for those low areas in your yard that gather water during the rainy seasons while others would suffocate in those conditions. There are species that need a large space to grow, while others do not. Some are great for shade, others add visual interest to your landscape with flowers, fruit, or eye-catching bark, and some are great wind or sound barriers. Whatever your needs, we can find something that will be a great fit for your space.

Deciduous trees lose their leaves every fall. Our list has a lot of great shade trees that will add value to your property.


  • Shantung Maple Tree
  • Sugar Maple Tree ‘Fall Fiesta’ & ‘John Pair Caddo’
  • Kentucky Coffeetree ‘Espresso’
  • Black Gum Tree
  • Pin Oak Tree
  • Crimson Spire Columnar Oak Tree
  • Silver Linden Tree
  • Yellowwood Tree
  • Lacebark Elm Tree ‘Emerald Prairie’
  • Columnar Hornbeam Tree ‘Frans Fontaine’
  • Seedless Osage Orange Tree ‘White Shield’
  • Purpleleaf Beech Tree ‘Atropunicea’
  • Swamp White Oak Tree
  • Bur Oak Tree
  • Shumard Oak Tree
  • Bald Cypress Tree ‘Shawnee Brave’
  • Dawn Redwood Tree

Ornamental trees are generally smaller growing trees that can sometimes take on a shrub form. Ornamental Trees are just that – ornamental and visually appealing. They add interest to a landscape with flowers, fruit, foliage color, or growth habit.


  • Red Bud Tree ‘Forest Pansy’, ‘Oklahoma’, & ‘Rising Sun’
  • Serviceberry Tree ‘Autumn Brilliance’
  • Kousa Dogwood Tree ‘Milky Way’ & ‘Satomi’
  • ‘Cherokee Princess’ Dogwood Tree
  • Cornelian Cherry Dogwood Tree
  • Chinese Fringe Tree
  • Japanese Tree Lilac
  • Paperbark Maple Tree
  • Red Buckeye Tree
  • ‘Bloodgood’ Red-leaf Japanese Maple Tree
  • ‘Royal Raindrops’ Crabapple Tree
  • Witch Hazel Tree
  • ‘Butterflies’ Magnolia Tree
  • Jane Magnolia Tree

Evergreen Trees hold on to their leaves all year long. This adds visual interest to your yard year-round, when most of the landscape is bare. Evergreens can also be great for windbreaks, privacy, and blocking sound.

thuja evergreen

  • Blue Atlas Cedar Tree ‘Horstmann’
  • Deodar Cedar Tree ‘Sander’s Blue’
  • Southern Magnolia Tree ‘Brachen Brown’
  • Black Hills Spruce Tree ‘Densata’
  • Norway Spruce Tree
  • Serbian Spruce Tree
  • Limber Pine Tree ‘Vanderwolf’s Pyramid’
  • Holly Tree ‘Nellie R. Stevens’
  • Arborvitae Tree ‘Green Giant’

If you have been thinking about adding a new tree to your landscape, take some time to look into the trees on our list and give us a call to determine which trees would be a good fit for your landscape.

For help deciding which types of trees or shrubs would be best for your landscape and lifestyle – or to learn about our many other tree services – give us a call. We’re local, certified arborists – here and happy to help.