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Tree & Shrub Pruning

Promote Long-Term
Wellness for Your Trees

Pruning is an important part of a tree’s long-term health and structural safety. To ensure your trees enjoy long, healthy lives, they should be pruned every 2–3 years. No one in the area cares more about helping your trees flourish than Cherokee Tree Care.

It’s not enough to just prune.

Our approach to pruning your trees will depend on their structure, species, and location. To best serve the health of your trees, Cherokee Tree Care adheres to the following rules of tree pruning:


The leaf is the tree’s food factory, so try not to remove more than 25% of leaves in any given pruning.


How and where you make the pruning cut is much more important than when—winter, spring, summer, fall.


Make smaller diameter cuts if possible. Trees seal over wounds (pruning cuts) by adding new growth, so smaller cuts close faster.

The certified arborists at Cherokee Tree Care understand how your trees grow, and they know how to work with the process rather than against it.
Front lawn with a variety of trees

Your landscape’s shrubs also benefit from our annual pruning program which maintains the size and shape of your shrubs and promotes flowering. Cherokee Tree Care knows when and how to hand-prune or shear your shrubs and grasses, and we will gladly share that knowledge with you. We want to empower you to care for your plant life, whether that means guiding you with solid DIY advice from our arborists or personally doing the necessary work that will keep your valuable plants healthy and beautiful.

Learn how our process of responsible pruning can help your trees and plants thrive.