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Plant Health Care Services

Inspection Program

The foundation of any good Plant Health Care program is prevention, which means timely inspections by a Certified Arborist.

Most prevention visits aren’t one-and-done. Different trees and shrubs will experience different insect and disease cycles during their specific growing seasons. The type of care your plants need will depend on several factors including species, location, and how many are on the property. And that’s just how we start, by identifying the species and location of each as the basis of our prevention plan.

After a thorough inspection, your arborist will provide a detailed report of the findings, as well as proactive and responsive treatments specific to each species, corresponding with their current health and your landscape goals.

Prevention and Management Plan

(insect & disease)

When developing a plan to control insects and disease, timing is everything. The key to success is understanding the normal insect and disease life cycle and treating select host plants in advance when possible.


Cherokee Tree Care’s Prevention and Management program is designed to help protect your landscape investment. We promise to only treat as needed. We do not participate or encourage upselling unnecessary products or services.


Our goal is to maintain insect populations at an acceptable level, with limited use of product to preserve a healthy, natural environment for your plants.

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