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Common Tree Problems in the Springfield Landscape

Generally, the Ozarks region of Missouri is full of beautiful green landscape and is a wonderful place for trees to grow and flourish. However, as in any climate or region, there are problems to be aware of. Here is a short list of common diseases and insects that can cause problems with trees and plants in the Springfield area.

local tree concerns

  • Apple Scab (Crabapple, Apple, Pear)
  • Rust (Hawthorn)
  • Anthracnose (Flowering Dogwood, Sycamore)
  • Needle Cast (Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce)

Common Insects in the Springfield Landscape

japanese beetle

  • Two Spotted Mite (Burning Bush)
  • Cool Season Mite (Alberta Spruce)
  • Bagworms (Junipers, Cedars, White Pine, Spruce, etc.)
  • Lacebug (Azalea, Rhododendron)
  • Scale (Mugo Pines, Euonymus, Magnolia, Tulip Poplar, Maples)
  • Bronze Birch Borer (White Birch)
  • Japanese Beetle (Linden, Purpleleaf Plum Rose, etc.)

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