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Discounts for Winter Tree Pruning

Do you have a large tree pruning project you need done but want a discounted price? We are now offering discounted rates to schedule your pruning project for this winter. Let’s talk about why winter is a great time to prune your trees.

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Pruning in the Winter

In the tree care industry, we are often asked what keeps us busy in the winter. The dormant months are actually a great time to prune your trees. With all of the leaves gone, our arborists have a better view of the tree’s structure and branches that may be damaged or broken. We can easily see which branches need to be removed. When we prune away weak branches, we can reduce the hazard of breakage that occurs with winter winds and snow or ice accumulation.

Winter pruning also decreases the risk of insects and diseases invading freshly cut wound wood. A couple of tree species, such as Elms or Oaks should be pruned in winter to avoid the risk of Dutch Elm Disease or Oak Wilt. Pests are not a common issue in the winter months, and we can eliminate the risk of vascular diseases from insects which can be a problem for trees with open wounds in the summer months.

Tree Pruning Rules

There are some basic rules that need to be followed when pruning a tree in any season. It is important to take into consideration that making incorrect cuts can cause damage to your tree for its lifetime. Primarily, you always want to make the smallest diameter cuts as possible, so the tree is able to seal over the wound and decrease the spread of decay.

We always stick to the rule of never pruning more than 25% of foliage off the tree at one time. Taking more foliage than this can stress a tree, as leaves are a tree’s source of resources for maintenance, reproduction, growth, and storage.

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In pruning your trees this winter, you are getting a head start on the next year’s yard work and preparing your trees for a great growing season. In addition, you can tackle a large project at a great price. Contact Cherokee Tree Care for more details or to receive a proposal for your winter pruning project.