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How to Choose an Arborist

The decision to hire an arborist is one that should not be taken lightly. Pruning and removing large trees can be dangerous, and only those who are equipped and trained on the proper knowledge of tree care should attempt this work. There are certain things you should consider prior to making a decision on hiring an arborist that aid in your own safety and protection.

Insurance is of the utmost importance when choosing an arborist. The two types of insurance that will make sure you’re covered as a homeowner are worker’s comp and property liability. Be sure to ask for these two insurances prior to hiring an arborist.

An arborist also needs to have the proper uniform consisting of a climbing helmet, safety glasses and equipment to be tied in at all times to ensure they’re always secure aboveground. These are all important safety requirements and it’s imperative that they be strictly enforced.

An arborist should also have a hand saw on the job. Hand saws allow arborists to complete nearly 80 percent of the work on a pruning operation as opposed to using a chainsaw for the entire job. Arborists rely heavily upon hand saws as they cut quickly on live and dead wood and are often quicker than chainsaws.
At Cherokee Tree Care, we’ve been serving the Springfield community since 1983 and maintain proper insurance, including general liability and worker’s comp. We’re always happy to supply our certificates of insurance upon request. Contact us for all of your tree care needs or request a free estimate!