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How to Love Your Trees

It’s the month of love and many are worrying about finding a hot date for Valentine’s Day or picking the perfect gift for their spouse. This is a great time to show our appreciation for our loved ones. Trees may not be at the top of your mind during Valentine’s Day, but we want to remember to love them by providing necessary tree services. Trees are our silent partners in the community, and they give us so much.

While your Valentine may enjoy a new diamond necklace or a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant (hint, hint), your trees probably won’t be as enthused about these things. So, how do we love our trees?

cherokee tree care

Here are 3 simple ways to love with tree care:


We are always encouraging our customers to give their trees a mulch ring. The benefits of mulch include moisture retention in the soil, acts as a temperature buffer in extreme temperatures, reduces competition between turf and trees, and as wood mulch breaks down, it adds nutrients to the soil that may be depleted in your landscape.

Regular Checkups

Just like you would take care of yourself with regular checkups to the doctor, your tree can benefit from regular checkups by a Plant Health Care Technician. We can inspect your trees for insect or disease problems and create a plan of action for anything we find. Regular inspections by a professional are essential in the long-term health of your trees.

Maintenance Pruning

Maintenance pruning is necessary for your trees to thrive. Ideally, we like to start pruning the tree at a young age so we can encourage a strong, upright structure that is not as prone to failure in a storm since trees naturally get deadwood in the canopy as they grow. To avoid falling limbs that can cause damage, or insects and diseases that attack rotting wood, we recommend routine maintenance pruning.

There are many ways to show your trees a little love this month. Give your arborist a call to discuss how your trees could benefit from our services.