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Professional Tree Services in Ozark, Missouri.  

Cherokee Tree Care provides professional tree service to all citizens of Ozark, MO.

Ozark is one of the fastest growing cities in the state, and we want to do our part in ensuring that the city looks as beautiful as possible by taking care of the foliage and landscape!

We provide a multitude of services, such as tree and stump removal, stump grinding, select tree planting, pruning, and even insect and disease control for your trees and shrubs. No challenge is too tall for our Certified Arborists!

At the head of Cherokee Tree Care is Ozarkian Native Tim Crews, a 30-year experienced climbing arborist, who is ready to solve any problem that comes his way.

Although we consider quality a huge driver of our services, our number one priority is care and safety. Proof of proper insurance—along with general liability, workman’s comp documentation, and other safety cerficates—are available to all of our clients.

Also for our customers’ convenience, we provide two separate monthly blogs for your reading pleasure. The first, Tree-of-the-Month, details one specific tree available for planting from Cherokee Tree Care. The second blog contains a monthly tip or trick to attaining proper tree care for your specimens.

Ozark holds a special place in our hearts here in the Ozarks, and we want to give back to a community that’s given so much. Take a look at our full-line of services to find out how we can best serve you.