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Plant Health Care

At Cherokee Tree Care, we offer a comprehensive Plant Health Care program that considers the health and aesthetic value of your trees, our responsibility to the environment, and the needs and desires of the homeowner. Our goal is to keep your trees healthy from an early age while striving for minimal chemical impact on the environment.

Bagworms on tree

Oftentimes, arborists are called onto a job when a tree has started to show symptoms of decline. At this point, it is difficult or impossible to stop the decline and stress of the tree, and sometimes the tree is beyond repair and must be removed.

Our Annual Inspection Program is the basis of good plant health care. With inspections, we are able to monitor your trees and shrubs for pests, diseases, and damage and make any adjustments needed to reduce stress on your landscape trees. A certified arborist will be able to identify your tree species, determine insects and diseases it is susceptible to, and the time of year it is susceptible to damage. We will identify the pest, its most damaging stage, and its most vulnerable stage. We can also determine which trees on your landscape are susceptible to which pests. Just because one tree on your landscape has pests does not mean the others will become infested. Most insects and diseases are plant specific. Keeping your trees on a scheduled monitoring routine is a simple proactive way to keep your plants healthy and save money in the long term.

We understand that your landscape is an investment. With our Prevention and Management Program, we aim to protect that investment and keep your trees healthy. We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which maintains pest populations to an acceptable level while limiting chemical use for consideration of a healthy environment.  When chemical control alone is relied on for pest management, there is a chance of insects becoming resistant to pesticides, harming beneficial insects, and negative effects on the environment.

Inspection of tree

We take many things into consideration when caring for your trees and work to not only inform the homeowner of potentially damaging factors and treatment options but also take into consideration the wants and needs of the homeowner. Give us a call today to get your trees on our Plant Health Care program.