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Plant Health

Plants are susceptible to diseases that can often leave homeowners and gardeners puzzled. The good news is, if you notice that your trees and shrubs seem to have developed a disease or insect damage, we’re here to help!

When it comes to taking care of your trees and shrubs, it’s important to identify what disease or insect is harming your plant. Insects and diseases are very plant specific, therefore it’s important to identify your trees and shrubs to learn what they’re susceptible to. Doing this will also uncover what time of year they need to be treated.

At Cherokee Tree Care, we’re often asked if insects will eventually move to another plant in their garden. The answer is usually no, unless the plant in question is the same species.

When it comes to your plant healthcare, it’s important to hire an arborist. Arborists can identify your trees and shrubs and the condition they are in. They can also usually identify the lifecycle of the insect attacking your plant. Treatment recommendations differ from tree to tree, shrub to shrub, so when you are looking at a treatment plan, the recommendations will vary depending on what’s on your landscape. Some trees and shrubs won’t need any treatment; others might need constant care.

Cherokee Tree Care’s annual inspection program can help with all of your plant health care needs. We offer a comprehensive on-site inspection program, occurring one to three times a year, depending on your needs and the types of plants on your property. We look for and evaluate signs of disease, insect activity and overall plant health. Contact us today for a free estimate.