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Stump Grinding

No need to continue to mow around that old stump — Cherokee Tree Care will turn it into a pile of mulch and grindings. 

Here are answers to common questions about stump removal:

  • The machine will fit thru most gates so we can grind the stumps in the backyard as well as the front.
  • Our minimum charge is $60. This normally covers a 12-14 inch diameter stump, or the combined equivalent in smaller stumps. The price is subject to increase depending on the overall stump size/scope of the project.
  • We normally grind 6-10 inches deep, then pile the grindings/mulch back over the hole. Grindings removal is available at an extra charge.
  • We must do a utility locate to check for underground electric, phone, cable, and gas lines. This free service is required by law and takes 3-4 days to complete. Cherokee Tree Care will handle all the details of the locate service.

Cherokee Tree Care is happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for stump removal in Springfield, MO and the surrounding area.