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The Importance of Hiring a Tree Climber

At Cherokee Tree Care, we know the importance of learning proper and safe climbing techniques to care for your trees. Many tree care companies rely solely on bucket lifts to access trees for trimming and removing. We believe there are many benefits to hiring a company with climbers which we will go over in this blog post.

Accessibility is one of the biggest reasons we prefer climbing to a bucket truck. There are some trees that just aren’t accessible to a lift. Sometimes there is not enough area at the base of a tree to bring in a large bucket truck. If the tree is in a fenced backyard, fencing or landscaping may need to be removed to bring in a large truck. There are also many larger species of trees such as the Tulip Poplar and Sycamore that are too tall for a bucket lift. And lastly, buckets are not as easy to maneuver through tightly branched trees, such as maples, and a person stationed within a bucket does not have the accessibility or reach that climbers have.

Awareness is another factor that climbers have a benefit of. When climbing, there is a better perspective from within the tree for tree surgery. When in a tree, a climber has the opportunity to be more cautious and mindful of their cuts. Climbing requires respect, attention, and care for the tree being worked on and the cuts being made.

Thoroughness is another advantage that climbers have over bucket trucks. When there is the ability to work within the tree and see the amount of light that needs to be let in, a more thorough and accurate job can be done. Also, bucket trucks work from the outside in, while pruning needs to be started from the inside.

And lastly, avoiding damage to not only the tree, but the client’s lawn and property are important factors to consider. It is more beneficial for the tree to be climbed for pruning and dead-wooding jobs because you don’t have to cut into the tree to get your bucket close to it. Lawn damage can be highly likely when bringing in a heavy bucket lift. Many customers do not consider it ideal to have a large piece of equipment on their lawn, near their house, or in close range of septic systems or wells.

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