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The Problems Facing Red Maples

Cherokee Tree Care has a unique approach to pruning your Red Maple trees, called subordinate pruning. Most Red Maples have co-dominate stems which occur when a tree has more than one main trunk that is similar in diameter. This causes the union to be weak and vulnerable to breakage. As with any tree, the overall structure determines how well it can withstand wind and ice damage. In the Ozarks, Red Maples are one of the most frequent recipients of damage following a storm.

Red Maples are an extremely popular landscape trees in Springfield and surrounding areas, but few achieve the goal of becoming a mature shade tree. The process of subordination pruning will have the best success when began at a young age. For larger Red Maples that already have codominant leads established, we also recommend a rope cable system that aids in holding the tree together. Give us a call or request a free quote and let us look at your Red Maple.

Examples of Red Maples with Poor Structure:
A Red Maple with poor structure
A Red Maple  with weak joints