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Tree Growth Regulators

Here at Cherokee Tree Care, we aim to research new ways to help our customer’s trees. As new products come out, we consider how they can benefit the trees we are working with. One product that has been used by utility companies and is now more widely being used by tree care companies is tree growth regulators, or TGR’s. In this blog, we will discuss what TGR’s are, how they can help your trees, and trees that would be good candidates for this treatment.


What is a Tree Growth Regulator?

Trees distribute the resources that are created through photosynthesis in four different ways. Depending on the species, some may disburse energy heavier in one area than another. This process is called “resource allocation”. The four areas a tree will allocate their resources are growth, maintenance/reproduction, storage, and defense.

Tree growth regulators do just what the name implies; they regulate the vegetative growth of the tree. By reducing the growth of the tree, the tree is able to put more resources towards other allocated areas like defense against diseases.

Uses and Benefits of TGR’s

Utility companies have been using tree growth regulators to help stunt the growth of trees that were planted under or near powerlines. This will help reduce the need for pruning them so heavily and frequently.

Some other uses of TGR’s are improved root systems, increase the longevity of trees growing in stressful conditions, improve drought and heat resistance, increase disease resistance, and reduce the effects of urban tree stress.

Trees That Are Good Candidates for Tree Growth Regulators 


Tree growth regulators can suppress the symptoms of many diseases including some foliar fungal diseases and incurable diseases such as Bacterial Leaf Scorch.

Some trees that are treated with a tree growth regulator can have a higher tolerance of certain stressful conditions and heat/drought stress. Drought is a major cause of tree death and decline in the urban landscape. This treatment can increase drought resistance by helping the tree reduce water losses during dry, hot periods.

The use of TGR’s can also reduce the amount of live wood pruning required which could save on overall maintenance costs for your trees. Trees that will potentially overcrowd or compete with other trees could be maintained at a more appropriate size.

If you’d like more information on this treatment or any of our Plant Health Care treatments, give us a call. We would be more than happy to come take a look at your trees and determine how we can help them thrive.