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Tree of the Month – Bur Oak

A long living and low maintenance tree, the Bur Oak is a recommended choice for your landscape, and it’s our Tree of the Month.

Botanical Name: Quercus macrocarpa (macro meaning ‘large’ and carpa ‘fruit’, referring to the large acorns this Oak species produces.)
Bur OakCharacteristics:
The Bur Oak is a slow to moderate growing, large sized white oak which grows 60-80 or more feet tall. The large acorns on this tree have a cap with a hairy appearance which covers most of the nut. These acorns attract a variety of wildlife. Rough, furrowed bark and spreading limbs give this tree added interest. The leaves are lobed and dark green with a glossy surface, which turn light green to yellow in the fall. This tree is a great shade tree or specimen tree.

Hardiness Zone: Zone 3-8Bur Oak Nuts

Requirements: The Bur Oak is native to the Midwest and considered a long living, low maintenance tree. Needs full sun and prefers moist loam soils, but is adaptable to many conditions. These trees are commonly found near rivers and streams in our area, however, once established in your yard are drought tolerant. The Bur Oak needs room to grow and are a good selection for spacious yards.

Pest Susceptibility: Oaks are susceptible to Oak Wilt, anthracnose, oak leaf blister, cankers, powdery mildew, leaf miners, galls, oak lace bugs, and borers.

If you are looking for a long living, low maintenance, and large tree, the Bur Oak is a recommended choice for your landscape. Give us a call to add one of these great trees to your yard.