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Tree of the Month: Norway Spruce

Botanical Name: Picea abies

Characteristics: The Norway Spruce is a large pyramidal evergreen conifer that is native to the mountains of northern and central Europe. This large tree can grow up to 60’ tall and 40’ wide in our area. The Norway Spruce is known for its rapid growth, large upward curving main branches, and sweeping needles. This species will drop its inner needles in the fall and produces male and female cones so some yard litter is to be expected.

norway spruce

Hardiness Zone: 2-7

Requirements: This tree is commonly planted too close to homes or other trees. Instead, it needs a large area to reach its full growth potential. The Norway Spruce likes full sun and medium water. This tree is generally considered low maintenance.

Pest and Disease Susceptibility: This species can get needle cast but it’s not as susceptible as the Blue Spruce. Watch for bagworms that begin to appear in May.

norwegian spruce needles

The Norway Spruce is a large, beautiful evergreen. It is perfect for a large yard or park. Many dwarf variations are also available for foundation and rock garden planting. Please contact Cherokee Tree Care if you’d like to add this to your landscaping.