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Tree of the Month – Serviceberry

This month we will be highlighting the Serviceberry. Commonly referred to as the Juneberry, this is a great ornamental tree for the landscape. Its white flowers, brilliant fall color, and berries give this tree aesthetic interest for most the year. Spring Flurry Serviceberry Tree

Botanical Name: Amelanchier arborea

Characteristics: The Serviceberry is a Missouri native tree commonly found in our natural forests. It is a smaller tree, reaching up to 25 feet tall in landscapes, and sometimes takes on a shrub appearance. The edible berries resemble blueberries and are said to taste like them as well. Spring Flurry Serviceberry Berries The berries can be eaten ripe off the tree or used for baking. Its fragrant white flowers bloom early in the season and autumn brings out vibrant colors in the foliage. A variety we recommend is ‘Autumn Brilliance’ for the bright reds and yellows it boasts in the fall.


Hardiness Zone: Zone 4-9


Requirements: Since the Serviceberry is native to Missouri, it is low maintenance and well adapted to many site conditions in our area. This tree prefers full sun to part shade and is tolerant of many soil types.Serviceberry Tree Flowers


Pest Susceptibility: Rust, leaf spot, fire blight and powdery mildew. Occasional insect pests are sawfly, leaf miner, borers, and scale.
 We recommend the Serviceberry for its aesthetic value and adaptability. Give us a call to add one of these great native trees to your landscape!