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Tree of the Month – Swamp White Oak

We will be highlighting a tree every month and giving you the specifics on each tree’s characteristics, susceptibility to pests, and needs. We are going to start with our head arborist’s personal favorite tree: Swamp White Oak.

Beautiful tall Swamp White OakBotanical Name: Quercus bicolor

Characteristics: Low maintenance shade trees. Grow up to 60+ feet high and wide. Rounded shaped trees when mature. Slow to moderate growth rate. It’s acorns usually grow in pairs and are easily identified by their long stem. Leaves are two-toned with glossy dark green on the top and silvery-white on the underside. Fall foliage is a yellow to copper color.

Leaf of a Swamp White OakHardiness Zone: Zones 4-8

Requirements: Full sun, prefers acidic soil, tolerant of poor drainage, easily transplanted.

Pest susceptibility: anthracnose, canker, leaf spot, rust, blight, galls, borers, leaf miners, oak lace bug and oak mite.

We highly recommend these trees as a low maintenance, long lasting, easily transplanted shade tree. Give us a call to add one of these great specimens to your yard, or maintain an already existing Swamp White Oak.