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Tree of the Month: The John Pair Caddo Sugar Maple Tree

Botanical nameAcer saccharum ‘John Pair’

Characteristics: The John Pair Caddo sugar maple tree is a beautiful, medium-sized tree, great for street sides and front yards. Discovered by John Pair in the valleys of Oklahoma, this particular sugar maple is renowned for its early fall color, brilliant red-orange leaves, and drought tolerance. Most Caddo maples grow to around 30 ft tall with round canopies. Its upright growth pattern makes it a compact medium-sized tree that attracts songbirds. In the growing season, the maple sports glossy, dark green leaves.

Hardiness Zone: 5,6,7

Requirements: Full sun to part shade, medium water needs. ‘Caddo’ maples, native to southwestern Oklahoma are well adapted to heat and drought and are considered low maintenance.

Caddo Maple

Pest Susceptibility: Very disease and insect resistant.

We recommend this beautiful tree for front yards of all sizes as a focal feature in the fall. Give us a call today if you would like to add the ‘Caddo’ maple to your landscape.