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2019 Winter Newsletter

What We Are About

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“Preserving trees for future generations.” This is the passion of Cherokee Tree Care and one we strive to live and do work by. Our aim is to be a tree preservation company and educate our customers on the best way to care for their trees.

We are happy to be educators to our customers to inform them about the type of tree they have, what tree services it needs to thrive, and how to best care for the trees on their property.

The trees in our landscapes face many obstacles that they don’t encounter in natural wooded areas. We remove their leaf litter that provides fertility and moisture to the soil and root system, we force them to compete with turf for nutrients and water, and we expect lawn irrigation systems to be sufficient for their watering needs.

If we can provide our community with the education needed to properly care for trees, our trees will thrive for years and years to come.

We all have a legacy to leave. Cherokee Tree Care’s is to care for our silent partners in the community, or as the Lorax says, “speak for the trees”.

Give your arborist a call to learn how you can help your trees thrive and last for the next generation.

How to Best Preserve Your Trees

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You may now be thinking, “That’s great, I really want my trees to last for my childrens’ children to enjoy, but how do I do that?”

Here are a few simple steps to easily care for your trees:

1. Consult a Professional

Certified Arborists have years of training and education to earn this certification. You wouldn’t hire just anyone to work on your vehicle, so don’t hire just anyone to care for your trees.

2. Plant Health Care

The Plant Health Care season is soon approaching and will kick off in March. Some services we provide are fertilization, preventative systemic insecticides, fungicides, injections, soil tests, and more. We have the knowledge, products, and tools to help you protect your trees from any insect or disease problems they may face.

3. Inspections

Part of our Plant Health Care Program includes a service we call ‘inspections’. Think of inspections as regular visits to the doctor to either prevent certain ailments or to receive medical attention when you are sick. The difference is, our patient is the tree and we come to it. Our Plant Health Care team is staffed by trained professionals that can identify your tree, know the insects and diseases it is susceptible to, and provide a plan specific to your property. We will treat your tree as needed to prevent or take care of any insect or disease problems we identify.

4. Routine Maintenance Pruning

Pruning is necessary for your trees to thrive. Ideally, we like to start pruning the tree at a young age so we can encourage a strong, upright structure that is not as prone to failure in a storm. Trees naturally get deadwood in the canopy as they grow. To avoid falling limbs that can cause damage or insects and diseases that attack rotting wood, we recommend routine maintenance pruning.

When you hire an Arborist for pruning, we will never take more than 25% of the leaf from the tree at one time. Remember that the leaf is the tree’s food factory and taking too much at a time can cause the tree stress. An arborist will also make proper cuts that will leave as small of a wound as possible so it seals closed faster. Routine pruning can help a tree thrive and can help avoid damage to property from storms.

Give us a call today to consult an arborist, receive your own personalized Plant Health Care plan, and receive a free estimate for routine maintenance pruning.

What’s New with Cherokee Tree Care

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Our small company is growing faster than we imagined, and we wanted to keep our customers in the loop with the exciting new things happening behind the scenes.

New Software

As our company grows, we are finding new and better ways to implement systems that allow our day-to-day operations to run smoother. We have recently started a new CRM software to help us with customer management.

The new software is helping us serve our customers better, be more organized, and maintain more efficient systems. We are excited with the opportunities this new program is opening for us and our customers.

New Office Space

Our office staff has been operating from a home office for the past few years. The home office has been great, but we are finding more of a need to keep our crew and office close together.

In the next few months, we will be transitioning our office location to Nixa, MO, directly off Main St. Not to worry our customers: our service area will remain the same! We are excited for the cohesiveness this will provide for our team and should help eliminate any communication barriers.

Lawn and Garden Show

February 22-24 is the annual Lawn and Garden Show at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds. Cherokee Tree Care has attended the show as a vendor for the past few years and we look forward to meeting you there this year!

This event is always packed full of great exhibitors, plenty of education, and many connections to be made. Come out and say hi to us!