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Plant Health Care Newsletter

At this point in winter, many of us are craving warmer weather and some sunshine. Along with the changing of seasons, our trees will start to unfurl their leaves and nature will start bustling with life. Insects and diseases are one such thing that become active as the right environment comes along. In this blog, we will talk about an important part of our company that serves to protect your trees from damaging pests. Plant Health Care is an important aspect of keeping your trees and shrubs healthy throughout the growing season.

What is Plant Health Care?

Most people understand that trees need routine pruning services to ensure we are encouraging a good structure, reducing the risk of storm damage, and removing any hazardous or dead limbs. However, trees also need to be monitored for pest activity to ensure health and longevity. Our Plant Health Care team has years of experience and knowledge on what to look for on each plant.

There are some important steps in determining the problem and the solutions. The first step is to identify the plant. Most insects and diseases are species-specific, meaning they like only a certain tree or handful of tree species. Once we’ve identified the tree, we may have a few questions about the property, how long the problem has been occurring, and the history of the tree. If we’ve determined a pest that is causing the problem, our trained Plant Health Care technicians will know the life cycle of the pest and when the best time to treat each pest is.



The foundation of any good Plant Health Care program is prevention. Our Inspection services are designed to help you protect your landscape investment. We schedule routine inspections on your property to monitor for the pests and/or diseases that are common with the plants on your property. During each inspection, we will treat as needed and leave a written report on our findings.

We promise to only treat as needed. We do not participate or encourage upselling unnecessary products or services. Our goal at Cherokee Tree Care is to maintain insect populations at an acceptable level, with limited use of product to preserve a healthy, natural environment for your plants.

If you are already a Plant Health Care customer, be on the lookout for your 2021 Plant Health Care plan in your mailbox. You will receive a discount if you decide to prepay for your plan by March 1st, 2021. If you are not currently a Plant Health Care customer, give us a call to see how our services can benefit your property. No two Plant Health Care plans are the same; we customize each plan with services that are specific to the needs of your trees and shrubs.