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Tree Planting

You might think that anyone can plant a tree… and you’d be right. But properly planting trees by paying mind to its growth and overall lifecycle on your landscape, is something only a professional can do. The Certified Arborists at Cherokee Tree Care want your new trees to thrive, and we know how to make it happen.

What to expect from Cherokee Tree Care through the planting process:


The professional Arborists at Cherokee Tree Care are committed to helping you find the tree you want – one that thrives in our area and makes sense for your landscape.


We will guide you in the right direction for choosing your tree from a reputable nursery.


We follow ANSI planting standards to plant at proper depth and specifications. A mulch ring will be added to help retain moisture and add fertility to the soil as it breaks down. We will leave you with care instructions for your new planting.

Front lawn with a variety of trees

We recommend fertilizing for the first 4–5 years to help your tree(s) become established. You will need to keep your tree(s) on a proper watering schedule of weekly deep soakings to reduce stress and encourage root growth.

Learn how our process of responsible planting can help your trees and plants thrive.