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Spring 2018 Newsletter

Cherokee Tree Care- Tree Services Overview

Cherokee Tree Care is a tree service company that serves Springfield, Missouri and surrounding areas. We know trees and want to care for them for future generations to enjoy. Here is an overview of the services we provide.

Cherokee Tree Care Spring Newsletter 2018 - Tree

Tree Trimming / Pruning and Shrub Pruning

Tree pruning is important for your tree’s health and structure and reduces the risk of damage to your property from falling limbs. There are a few rules we follow when pruning:

  1. The leaf is the tree’s food factory, so try not to remove more than 25% of leaves in any given pruning.
  2. How and where you make the pruning cut is much more important than when—winter, spring, summer, fall.
  3. Make smaller diameter cuts if possible. Trees seal over wounds (pruning cuts) by adding new growth, so smaller cuts close faster.

Tree Removal

The removal of a tree is never our goal but is sometimes necessary if a tree is declining and has become a hazard.  Get a Free Estimate to get an idea what it will cost to remove your tree.

Stump Grinding

After a tree is gone, there’s no need to live with a stump in your yard. Before grinding, we always locate utilities. The stump is generally ground 6-10 inches deep, and then the grindings are piled back over the hole. Removal of the grindings is available at an extra charge.

Tree Planting

A professional arborist can help you select the right tree for your space (one that will thrive in our area), select a preferred tree from the nursery, and plant it to ANSI planting standards. Proper planting is the first step in a healthy life for your tree.

Plant Health Care

The foundation of any good Plant Health Care program is prevention, which means timely inspections by a Certified Arborist. We will identify the plants in your yard and determine which insects and diseases they are susceptible to. We promise to only treat as needed. We do not participate in, or encourage the practice of upselling unnecessary products or services.


While most mature trees do not need fertilization, it is one of the most affordable ways to get your new plants off to a good start. We recommend fertilizing the first 4-5 years after planting and monitoring the new growth year to year.

Give Cherokee Tree Care a call today, for all your tree care needs.

Insect Spotlight: The Bagworm

As the temperatures warm, buds begin to breakout, blooms show off, and insects emerge yet again. Many insects are beneficial to us and our plants, but some, especially in heavy populations, can be harmful. In this insect spotlight, we will be talking about the Bagworm.

Cherokee Tree Care Spring Newsletter 2018 - bagworms


Bagworms are insects with chewing mouthparts that feed on the foliage of many tree species. They are known for the protective bag they form around themselves. Adult males are dark, fuzzy moths with clear wings and females are maggot-like caterpillars that never leave their bag.


Eggs hatch and small larvae emerge from their bags at the end of spring. The larvae release a thread of silk from which they hang, and they are then carried to their host plant by the wind. As soon as they reach their host plant, and while they are still very small, the larvae begin to form a protective bag around themselves, made from plant debris. This bag is not yet fully enclosed and allows the larvae to continue to move, feed, and grow until the end of the summer. At maturity, they attach themselves to their host and completely enclose themselves in the bag as they develop into the pupa stage. Adult males will emerge from their bags in September to mate, then die. The females remain immobile and lay eggs in their bag to hatch the following season.

Target Trees

Bagworms will feed on a large variety of tree species. Some of their favorites areArborvitae, Red Cedars and other Juniper species, White Pines, several other evergreen species, as well as some deciduous trees.


Bagworms will feed on the foliage of their host tree. This can be especially damaging to Evergreen trees when populations are large, and damage is continuous over consecutive years.


Light infestations can be controlled naturally by handpicking the bags off your shrub or tree and destroying them by burning or suffocating in soapy water. Chemical control may be necessary. This should be done when larvae are still small, generally in early June.

Cherokee Tree Care offers free tree inspections as part of our Plant Health Care Program. We will carefully inspect your trees and shrubs for pests and diseases and treat them as needed. Give your arborist a call today to add an inspection to your Plant Health Care Plan this year.


Community Giveback

We love trees, and we know the benefits they provide to a community. Trees are our silent partners. Environmentally, economically, socially, and physiologically, trees do more for us than you may realize.

Springfield, Missouri is a great place to live and work. We love this area we serve, and we strive to be a company that gives back to the amazing community we call home. What better way to combine our knowledge of trees and our love for our home town than by giving back with free tree work?

Recently, Cherokee Tree Care offered a day of free tree work to Nathanael Greene Park’s Hosta Garden. This area is a sentimental place to much of our community. Family picnics, reunions, senior photos, and even weddings have all taken place in this park. The area was in need of some tree pruning to add sunlight to the plants below and to retain the health and safety of the trees themselves. It was an honor to be able to give back by doing what we love-caring for trees.

Cherokee Tree Care Spring Newsletter 2018 - giving back

We have plans for the near future to start taking nominations for individuals or organizations in need of free professional tree work. This will be a great chance for you to send in nominations for those who are needing tree services but may not otherwise be able to afford it. Cherokee Tree Care will select the winner of nominees and award this individual or organization with a day’s worth of free tree work.

Stay tuned this summer on our social media for ways to enter your nominations for our giveback events.