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Tree of the Month – Bald Cypress

The bald cypress changes colorsThe Bald Cypress is one of the most interesting trees that we will be highlighting. Not only is this tree a deciduous conifer (meaning it bears cones and loses its leaves during the dormant season), but it has many unique characteristics only known to this species.

bald cypress kneesBotanical Name: Taxodium distichum

Characteristics: This flood tolerant tree is well known for being found in southern swamps, but grows in a variety of conditions within its hardiness zones. The Bald Cypress grows “knees” in wet areas, which are root growths above the water to allow the roots to breathe. The feathery needles of this tree turn a vibrant copper color before falling off every autumn. The bark of the Bald Cypress gives additional visual interest, over time peeling off in strips. The fruit or cone of the tree is small, tightly compacted, and pungently aromatic.

Hardiness Zone: Zones 4-10

Requirements: The Bald Cypress prefers full sun and can grow in a variety of conditions. Well known for their flood tolerance, these trees are a great choice for wet areas in your yard.

bald cypress needlesPest Susceptibility: Cypress Beetles, mites, blight, Cypress moths.

We recommend the Bald Cypress for a shade tree that will add interest and variety to your landscape. Give us a call to add one of these amazing and unique species to your yard!