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Tree of the Month: Lacebark Tree

Botanical Name: Ulmus parvifolia

Lacebark Elm

Characteristics: Commonly known as a Chinese Elm, this tree is native to China, Japan, and Korea. The prized feature of this tree is the distinctive, mottled bark which resembles lace. This is a great medium-sized shade tree which grows at a moderate to fast rate, growing to about 40-50 feet tall and wide. The Lacebark Elm has interest year-round, with its showy bark and fall colors of yellow to reddish-purple.

Lacebark Tree

Hardiness Zone: Zone 5-9

Requirements: The Lacebark Elm tree prefers full sun. It has some drought and flood tolerance and is a hardy tree. This tree is a great selection for parks and streets due to its tolerance of urban conditions.

Pest Susceptibility: This is a great Elm variety to add to your landscape because it is not susceptible to the diseases affecting other Elm species such as Dutch Elm Disease. The Lacebark Elm tree is also more resistant to Japanese Beetles which are quite the nuisance to other Elm varieties.

We recommend the Lacebark Elm for many reasons, including its hardiness, disease resistance, and beautiful features. If you’d like more information about this tree or our planting services, give us a call today. We’d love to help you decide on a new addition to your landscape.