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Tree of the Month: Pin Oak Tree

In this month’s tree of the month blog, we will be discussing a tree common to the Springfield MO area, the Pin Oak.

Pin Oak Tree - Cherokee Tree Care

Botanical name: Quercus palustris

Characteristics: Pin oak trees are tall-growing Oaks that have held their ground as a fast-growing shade tree. They are part of the Red Oak family and have thinly lobed leaves, with ‘bristle-tips.’ They have a distinctive branching pattern that sets them apart from most other Oaks – an upright growth from one central leader and branches spreading outward from it, creating a pyramidal form. The name ‘Pin Oak’ comes from its short, tough branchlets along the branches and limbs. The acorns from the Pin Oak are an important food source to wildlife and another great identifying factor with short caps on the ½ inch long acorn. The Pin Oak is a deciduous tree growing about 50-70 feet tall, with a spread of 20-40 feet.

Hardiness Zones: 4-8

Pest Susceptibility: Pin Oaks are susceptible to Iron Chlorosis (yellowing of leaves), Galls, and Borers. This tree will do well with routine maintenance pruning to remove dead limbs in the interior of the canopy.

Requirements: Pin oak trees prefer full sun and can tolerate most wet or dry soils. They are not well-suited for alkaline soils.

Pin Oak Acorn

We recommend the Pin Oak tree for its excellent growth form, making it a great shade tree in many landscapes.  The deep red and scarlet fall foliage makes it a great specimen in later months of the year. With some regular maintenance pruning and inspecting for Iron Chlorosis and some other pests, this tree can be a great addition to the landscape.

Wondering whether the Pin Oak might be a good fit for your yard – or looking for more information? Get in touch with us. We’re your local arborists, and we’re happy to help!