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Tree of the Month: Redbud Tree

When spring hits the Ozarks, you can see pops of purple on the sides of the highway and many of our city streets. This natural beautification is courtesy of the Redbud Tree.


Botanical Name: Cercis canadensis

Characteristics: The Redbud is known for its great color in spring with tiny purple to magenta flowers that bud all over the tree. The heart-shaped leaves change from a pinkish-red, to yellow, to green as the leaf matures. This is a small understory tree, often containing multiple trunks, and grows to 20 feet high and 15 feet wide. This tree has notable 3-inch seed pods that are an attractant for many birds. The Redbud is a showy tree for most of the year, with attractive fall foliage in shades of deep purple, red and orange.


Hardiness Zone: Zones 6-9


Requirements: The Redbud requires full to partial sun. Once established, it is very drought tolerant.

Pest Susceptibility: This tree is susceptible to cankers, mildew, and verticillium wilt. Some insect pests include scale, Japanese Beetles, and webworms.

The Redbud has many great characteristics and is appealing throughout much of the year. Some varieties we recommend are ‘Oklahoma,’ ‘Rising Sun,’ and ‘Forest Pansy’.

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