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Tree of the Month: Shumard Oak Tree

The Shumard Oak Tree is like that dependable and stable friend you can always rely on. These trees are tolerant of many conditions and make a great addition to our cities and landscapes.

Shumard Oak

Botanical Name: Quercus shumardii

Characteristics: The Shumard Oak Tree is in the Red Oak family and is generally a long-lived tree. This strong shade tree grows a rounded canopy, spreading 40-60 feet in height and width. These trees have great fall color ranging from red to orange. They are an attractant to wildlife like deer and squirrels who love their small acorns. However, these acorns usually aren’t produced until the tree reaches about 25 years of age.

Hardiness Zone: Zones 5-9

Shumard Oak Leaves

Requirements: Prefers full sun and regular watering, but is somewhat drought resistant. These are great trees to use in cities, due to their tolerance of compaction and pollution.

Pest Susceptibility: The Shumard Oak is susceptible to galls, anthracnose, canker, leaf spot, rust, blight, borers, oak mite, and leaf miners.

We recommend the Shumard Oak for its longevity, strength, and tolerance of harsh environments. Looking for more ideas? Check out our tree recommendations – for a full list of options that thrive right here in Springfield, MO.

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