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Why Do We Need Arborists?

It’s no mystery that trees are an important asset to a landscape. There are many benefits to having trees around, but have you ever wondered why we need arborists? Why are arborists needed for our landscapes when trees grow naturally and without help in nature? To answer that question, we need to look at the differences between urban settings and natural forests.

Natural Forest

One of the biggest differences between landscapes and our forests is the soil. In forests leaves and other organic matter are continuously decaying and providing nutrients to the soil. In landscapes, however, leaves are usually raked away and turf causes competition for water and nutrients. Mulch is beneficial for landscape trees in providing a layer of organic matter and retaining moisture for the tree’s roots. A certified arborist can test your soil’s pH to determine what tree would do best in your yard and if any amendments need to be added to your soil.

Have you ever noticed that trees in forests tend to look different than the trees in our yards? The branching structure of trees varies on the sunlight provided to them. While trees in yards usually have plenty of sunlight, they are more likely to spread out with a wider canopy. Since trees in wooded areas grow closer together, they compete for sunlight and grow taller and thinner. Their branches reach for the sunlight so photosynthesis can take place to make the food they need to survive.

Trees on Lane

Houses, utilities, fences, sidewalks and driveways, and other structures are also things that trees in an urban setting must compete with. A certified arborist will be able to advise you on the right location and the right tree for your yard. Trees in the landscape are not shielded by other trees in severe weather, and a weak branching structure can cause damage to not only the tree but also to your property. An arborist can help you select a tree with a preferred structure and maintain that structure with pruning.

In the landscape, we can select trees that are aesthetically pleasing to us, but it is important to hire a certified arborist who will know the tree’s pest susceptibility and requirements to survive. An arborist will consider several factors when selecting the right tree for your space including sunlight exposure, soil preference, surrounding structures, pest susceptibility, branching structure, and maintenance needs. Give us a call to care for the trees in your landscape or help you select the right tree for your yard.