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Sweetgum Gumballs

Spring arrived a little early across the Ozarks, and as we can see, trees are flowering ahead of their normal schedule. Magnolia, pear, cherry, and forsythia trees are in full bloom! Granted, there is one tree among those that are flowering that many of our customers wouldn’t mourn in the event of a good freeze, particularly it knocked off the fruit. Which tree, you ask? Sweetgum.

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Trees Seal, They Don’t Heal

Driving to my shop the other day, I noticed a local school had hired someone to remove some low limbs from the trees on the school grounds. The problem that I noticed right away with the Red Oaks on the school grounds is that the cuts were not made correctly which will cause the trees to prolong the wound closure process by several years.

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Trees and Ice

Let’s face it—trees and ice are not a good combo. A proactive approach is really the only approach. When the ice starts to collect on trees, all you can do is stay clear and hope for the best. Trying to manually shake the ice off small trees may do more harm to the tree and can be dangerous. The million dollar question is, what can we do to protect our trees from ice damage?

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