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Plant Health Care Inspection

During the growing season, our trees and shrubs can face many issues including insects, diseases, and environmental problems (like water & weather). Without knowing what

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Trees and Lightning

Lightning is a powerful force in nature which can lead to devastation to whatever stands in its way. An article by Texas A&M reported that

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Tree Growth Regulators

Here at Cherokee Tree Care, we aim to research new ways to help our customer’s trees. As new products come out, we consider how they

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Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation We have all learned about photosynthesis in elementary school science class. It is the process where plants take light, water, and carbon dioxide

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Common Tree Myths

Cherokee Tree Care is a team of trained professionals and Certified Arborists. We get a lot of questions from our customers about their trees, but

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Caring for Young Trees

Are you considering planting a tree this spring? If so, we’ve got some helpful tips for how to care for your young trees. Tree Selection

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