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Trees Seal, They Don’t Heal

Driving to my shop the other day, I noticed a local school had hired someone to remove some low limbs from the trees on the school grounds. The problem that I noticed right away with the Red Oaks on the school grounds is that the cuts were not made correctly which will cause the trees to prolong the wound closure process by several years.

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Trees and Ice

Let’s face it—trees and ice are not a good combo. A proactive approach is really the only approach. When the ice starts to collect on trees, all you can do is stay clear and hope for the best. Trying to manually shake the ice off small trees may do more harm to the tree and can be dangerous. The million dollar question is, what can we do to protect our trees from ice damage?

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5 Best Tree Services in Springfield

Though the number of companies that provide tree services in the Springfield market is upwards of 65, getting a price from a local tree care company can be a challenge. I know, because I have been working with trees in the Springfield market in one capacity or another since 1983. At the conclusion of a bid or consult, potential customers will ask which companies I would recommend—those that will return phone calls and put bids in writing. As such, I have compiled a list of 5 tree-service companies that, in my opinion, are the best out there. I have also included my thoughts regarding the strengths of each company.

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Keeping Trees Healthy During Winter

You know it’s fall when the trees are suddenly filled with an array of colors. The transitioning seasons can provide beautiful scenery, but one thing can’t be overlooked – the winter months are coming whether we’re ready for them or not. But don’t worry—we have some tips on how to keep trees healthy during winter.

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Trees and Fall

Fall is a beautiful time of year—the weather starts to cool and trees begin to produce beautiful orange, yellow and red leaves, providing astounding foliage. In this month’s post, we’ll cover what causes leaves to form those gorgeous colors along with how to prepare your trees for the upcoming fall and winter months.

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