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2020 Winter Newsletter

In this winter newsletter, we will be talking about 2020 goals to set for the trees on your property, top evergreen trees to consider, and our prioritization process for handing winter tree damage.

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2019 Fall Newsletter

In this Fall Newsletter, we will be talking about fall planting, planning for next year’s Plant Health Care plan, and sharing a video about who we are.

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Discounts for Winter Tree Pruning

Do you have a large tree pruning project you need done but want a discounted price? We are now offering discounted rates to schedule your pruning project for this winter. Contact Cherokee Tree Care for more details or to receive a proposal for your winter pruning project.

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Thirsty Trees – How Much Water Does a Tree Need?

As with all living things, trees need a few things to survive. Sunlight allows for photosynthesis which creates nutrients for energy, soil for roots to grow and stabilize the tree, and water to help carry the nutrients throughout the tree and allow for transpiration. Even while some are more drought-tolerant trees than others, one of the most important factors in any tree’s survival is water.

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