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Thirsty Trees – How Much Water Does a Tree Need?

As with all living things, trees need a few things to survive. Sunlight allows for photosynthesis which creates nutrients for energy, soil for roots to grow and stabilize the tree, and water to help carry the nutrients throughout the tree and allow for transpiration. Even while some are more drought-tolerant trees than others, one of the most important factors in any tree’s survival is water.

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Tree of the Month: Lacebark Tree

We recommend the Lacebark Elm tree for many reasons, including its hardiness, disease resistance, and beautiful features. Learn more about this Elm variety, in our latest tree of the month blog.

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2019 Summer Newsletter

As we enter the summer season in Missouri, let's discuss the cooling effects of trees, pruning away deadwood, and keeping Japanese Beetle season under control.

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Bagworm Season

We have recently been getting calls from worried customers about bagworms. Many are on the lookout for these pests and want to know how to get rid of bagworms. Here, we will discuss the bagworm, its lifecycle, and what we can do to manage these pests.

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