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Cherokee Tree Care News & Blog

Preparing Trees for the Winter Season

As the seasons shift and temperatures begin to drop, the leaves change color, eventually fall off, and our trees go through a “dormant” season. During the dormant season, trees are not actively growing. They are using stored resources to stay alive until the following growing season. There are a few things we can do for our trees during the winter season to keep them healthy, thriving, and ready for the following growing season.

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2018 Plant Health Care Season Overview

No matter what the season brings, there are ways to plan for and protect your trees. Here is an overview of what this season has brought and issues to lookout for in your own landscape.

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A Myth About Tree Pruning

Many people believe that pruning should be only done when the tree sap is up or down and that the best time to do tree pruning is in the fall. In reality, it is more important how you prune your tree than when. Here's what you need to know...

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Tree of the Month: The John Pair Caddo Sugar Maple Tree

This is a beautiful, medium-sized tree, great for street sides and front yards. Discovered by John Pair in the valleys of Oklahoma, this particular sugar maple tree is renowned for its early fall color, brilliant red-orange leaves, and drought tolerance.

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